Where exactly will I be staying?

You will be staying in a village called Gothauli which is very near the town of Sauraha in Chitwan, Nepal. Accommodation is in a family house in the middle of the village. There is an attached bathroom and toilet which are very clean. You can rest and relax in one of our well-maintained outdoor spots.

How do I get to Gothauli?

You have various options:

Either you can take a tourist bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara to the Sauraha buspark. Our guide will be waiting for you and you will be brought to the guesthouse by ox cart.

Or you can take a private car and drive straight to Chitrasari-Gothauli. Tell your driver to stop at Sauraha chowk then ask him to call one of the following numbers:
Sitaram Mahato – 98 451 13649
Sukram Mahato – 98 453 21229

But you can also take the domestic plane from Kathmandu to Bharatpur. Ask us to arrange your pick-up.

What does 'Tharu’ mean?

Tharu is the name of a tribal group indigenous to the lowlands of Nepal. The Tharu are a large ethnic group. In general they practice Hinduism and they do speak their own language. The Tharu are resistant to Malaria, until now without any scientific proof.

What is there to do in Gothauli?

Check our button ‘activities’ to give you an idea of what we provide. But do not hesitate to share your own ideas with us.

What is there to do outside Gothauli?

Gothauli is situated a couple of kilometers from the town of Sauraha. All the different jungle activities the Chitwan National Park has to offer will be organized from Sauraha.

What will I get to eat?

Breakfasts are continental style but all the items will be bought in the local market. You will eat a variety of fruits, curd, bread and eggs.
Our lunch menu consists of four different vegetarian dishes all served with fresh salad.

- Chowmein
- Samosa
- Fried rice
- Cooked noodles

Diner (Nepali dal bhaat) will be taken together with one of our community families


Currently there are seven bedrooms available to guests, each containing twin beds in the house of Bharat and Saanti Mahato.


Single 35 US$ / night
Double 50 US$ / night

Price based on a room with twin beds and attached bathroom/toilet and inclusive of
All meals
English speaking guide
Pick-up and drop-off at the bus park or at any hotel in Sauraha,
A guided village walk,
Entertainment at night

Contact us through our webmail and ask for a tailored stay including the activities you would like to do, so we can suggest to you an interesting itinerary.


Homestay tourism is a new but growing phenomenon in Nepal. Many homestays in areas that have long been popular with tourists have received funding and support from NGOs and INGOs. In contrast, the Tharu 20for7 Village Guesthouse in Gothauli is an entirely independent enterprise, receiving to date no support whatsoever from any outside organisation. It has been set up by Hans Soetewey from Antwerp, Belgium and is completely managed by the Mahato family. It is for this reason that your homestay experience with us will be an entirely authentic one. While we are confident that you will enjoy the experience of visiting our friendly and welcoming village environment, we would be grateful for any constructive criticism which you might be able to give since no one involved in the enterprise has any prior experience of working in the tourist sector.


We support the local community by providing jobs and food to the families. Besides that we share 35% of the net profit