We don’t offer packages with fixed programs or tight schedules, but allow you to organize your stay the way you want to!

Let us guide you through the program and give you an active and exclusive taste of real Tharu life, or just rest and relax in one of our well-maintained outdoor spots, where you can take a bask in the sunshine or read a book in the shade.

Cooking Classes

You join one of our Aunties for a drill course in making ‘Dal Bhaat’. On a simple wood fire, in a traditional Tharu kitchen, you prepare all the different items that come with a typical soup dish with rice, vegetables, potatoes and lentils. At the right season, you can add rice field borne snails or typical jungle vegetables.

We also organize bakery workshops where you can learn how to make different kinds of local bread or samosa.

Tharu cooking and Dinner - 1550 NRs. Per Person
A traditional soup dish with rice, potatoes, seasonal vegetables and not to forget … lentil soup.

Tharu Roti - 1350 NRs. Per Workshop
Entertaining, interactive workshop in one of the traditional houses. Roti means bread, and the Tharu have their own way of preparing their own kind.

Sel Roti - 450 NRs. Per Person
Bread that looks like a pancake. Funny activity that is usually taken care of by one of the youngsters. Moreover,it is a healthy snack!

Samosa - 550 NRs. Per Persoon
Very early start for this fantastic experience at the local "samosa bakery". The owner tells you all you need to know to make delicious samosas and you bring along the result for during the day.

Workshop Handicraft

750 NRs. Per Person (incl. souvenir)
Basic techniques are shown to make typical Tharu handicraft, and you get to try them out yourself. You don't actually make any finished accessories, since this is very difficult, but you can get inspired and get a good insight of how people make their daily goods from natural resources.

Ox-Cart Driving Licence

1000 NRs. Per Person
4500 NRs. Per Ride (max. 6 pers.)

You guide our ox-cart through the Terai plains, with an experienced driver by your side. You get the oxen out of their shelter, tie them to the cart and go on a beautiful journey through fields and villages.

Dance Performances

Included in your stay

This program is exclusively attached to a village stay, since the women are not allowed to leave their home at night. It consists of a mixture of dance and songs in which the women interact with other villagers, sending out different emotional signs to each other. It is a very exceptional performance, and special for this community.

MEN - Tharu stick dance
6000 NRs. Per Show in the village, 350
Nrs. per show in the Tharu culture house.

Organized by professionals, the Tharu stick dance is the only program which is not provided by our own community. Nonetheless, it is a great spectacle, lasting 45 minutes, and the whole village will enjoy the show with you. A great program!

Bicycle Tours

Half day - 1250 NRs. Per Person & Whole day- 2250 NRs. Per Persoon

Let us guide you to alternative destinations. Our bicycle outings will give you a glance of what is left of the Tharu culture in the area. Visit a beautiful lake area and its rich bird life, or check out the Tharu museum and enjoy its collection of authentic relics.

Alternatively, you can join our aunties for some typical Tharu decoration and artwork, and decorate our houses and doors in different bright colors.

The Tharu Butcher

Chicken - 2500 NRs. Per Workshop
Duck - 3500 NRs. Per Workshop

As we only serve vegetarian food, the carnivores within you might be keen for some meat for dinner. We organize your own private and exclusive village poultry chop. Choose between a chicken or a duck which you will learn to butcher and prepare. Almost every part is edible and of course delicious!

Henna Tattoo

850 NRs. Per Drawing

You have your hand or other parts of your body tattooed by our talented guide Paro. Learn how to set up a drawing or just ask her to draw one by heart.

You will be amazed by her skill!


800 NRs. Per Person

Go fishing, joined by aunties and kids, and realize the effort it takes to get a couple of fish on your plate at the end of the day. We have different nets to choose from, and we can teach you how to make a mini-harpoon, which you then cantake with you on your Tharu fishing experience.


500 NRs. Per Person

You can join our aunties for some typical Tharu decoration and artwork, and decorate our houses and doors in different bright colors.

Jungle Activities

Join us for some jungle action! We provide all the different excitements the jungle has to offer. And only use the best guides from the nearest tourist area.

Jeep or Elephant Safari
Visit to the Elephant Breeding Centre
Bird watching
Full or Half Day Jungle Walk
Elephant Bath

Ask our staff about the popular jungle activities and the best rates in town.