Our Staff

Shocked to see the ignorance and down falling of the Tharu people, an idea arose in my mind to highlight the Tharu culture. I was supported by a genuine person from Belgium called Hans . His idea and my thought came to match each other, thus, my enthusiasm and Hans’ intelligence really drove me to join the project. So I dearly request to all those who like to have the desire to deal with the Tharu lifestyle to come to our village.

I will be there to welcome you all!

Hi, my name is Paro,

A Tharu girl welcoming all those who want to visit our beautiful village. I feel very happy to be part of the staff of the Tharu 20for7 project. Studying sociology and anthropology my concern has always been the society and its people. And although we have a tiny little project, it is the poverty alleviation aspect that gives me the interest to do my job in a proud way.

Hereby I heartily request you to check us out!